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Fuerza Bruta at Daryl Roth Theatre

If any of our residents near Union Square are looking for something to do this weekend, check out Fuerza Bruta at the Daryl Roth Theatre! This interactive off-Broadway show is a unique and unpredictable thrill ride filled with seventy minutes of live, pulsing music and awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics. Our favorite part of the show involves a transparent glass pool that descends from the ceiling down toward the audience. This pool plunges down so close to the audience that you are able to reach up and touch the.

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Meet Nena: Pets of Pan Am

Because so many of our buildings are pet-friendly, we want to put some of our furrier residents in the spotlight and get to know them better! This is the first in a series of “Pets of Pan Am” articles, during which we’ll be learning all about the daily lives of our four-pawed friends. (Psssst… if you have a friend who wants to be featured leave a comment below so we can set up a time to chat, either in-person, by email, or phone- whatever.

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