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Top 5 Foods to Try in NYC This Spring

New York City is full of unique food choices that you just won’t find anywhere else. Feeling adventurous? Here are our top picks for treats to try this spring: 1 – Snowdays This unique ice cream shop, which was inspired by Taiwanese and Korean shaved ice, has three locations in New York. Their unique shaved ice cream is fluffy and creamy – the perfect way to prepare for the summer and treat your tastebuds! 2 – Raindrop Cake The Raindrop Cake at Smorgasburg.

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National Walking Day 2016

NYHRC’s and The American Heart Association’s National Walking Day Celebration will be held tomorrow, April 6th, from 6-8 PM at the NYHRC 23rd Street location. If you’re a resident of The Caroline, that means that you’re just a few steps away! NYHRC and The American Heart Association are challenging you to take 10,000 steps in honor of National Walking Day. 10,000 daily steps is roughly equivalent to the Surgeon General’s recommendation of 30 minutes of activity a day. Reaching this goal will help.

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