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St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

As an old Irish toast says, “For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way. Good health, good luck, and happiness, for today and every day.” Spread some of that good luck and cheer this St. Patrick’s Day! Join the fun at the famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which can be viewed from 5th Avenue, and travels from 44th Street to 79th Street. After the parade, get some traditional Irish food with friends and loved ones at one of our.

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Hamantaschen Recipe for Purim

With Purim coming this weekend, we just can’t wait to enjoy some hamantaschen cookies! Other than being delicious, these cookies also have a rich history. During the Purim story, it is said that Mordechai hid letters inside of pastries to warn the Jews of the dangers they were facing. Now, this story is remembered by these cookies with a stuffed pocket. Hamantaschen cookies can be filled with cheese, fruit, chocolate, or even savory ingredients. We’re sharing our favorite recipe for Raspberry Hamantaschen.

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