Events at The Caroline

Events at The Caroline

Here at Pan Am, residents are our top priority. We love to plan events for our residents throughout the year to thank them for their continued support. We spoke with John DiPaola, the building manager of The Caroline, to hear a little more about what goes into planning these events for residents.


Q. How do you come up with all of these great ideas for residents?

A. When I opened up the Caroline, I had a background in working in the hotel and hospitality industry. That’s how I had the idea to run The Caroline like a hotel. We offer so many amenities to residents and really invest in our tenant relations. Having happy residents is our number one priority.


Q. Tell us a little more about the Sunday brunches at The Caroline.

A. Our Sunday brunches started out pretty small. All we had were 24 bagels and a box of joe. As time went on, our brunches grew as more and more tenants were joining us. Now, we host our brunches in a beautiful room with hundreds of bagels, an omelette chef, and other delicious breakfast foods.


Q. Why is it so important that The Caroline gives back to its’ residents?

A. We’re always looking for new, fun ways to give our residents things to talk about and look forward to. We come up with all different events throughout the year with the support of Pan Am. We’re committed to making sure each resident has an amazing experience at The Caroline.


Q. What other events do you hold throughout the year?

A. During the summer, we love doing BBQs on our beautiful roof deck. We also love having ice cream trucks, pizza trucks, shoe shines in the lobby, photo booths, and more.


Q. Can residents suggest ideas for future events?

A. Of course! We’re always open to suggestions. In fact, many of our events stem from the ideas our residents give us.


Q. Do you have any upcoming events planned for the holiday season?

A. Yes, we will be doing some great holiday events including having a string quartet in our lobby various dates throughout December.

Events at The Caroline
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Events at The Caroline
We spoke with John DiPaolo, the building manager of The Caroline, to hear a little more about what goes into planning events for residents.

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