The Sato Project

The Sato Project

Pan Am is a proud supporter of The Sato Project. We love to highlight charitable organizations that are dedicated to spreading awareness about animal cruelty and those who help improve the lives of animals in need.

Since 2011, The Sato Project has rescued and rehabilitated over 2000 abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico.  Their primary rescue operations are on Dead Dog Beach, an area locally referred to as a canine dumping ground. The group provides medication, food, and love to these stray dogs. They also provide veterinary care such as spaying, neutering, and microchip programs in order to prevent the underlying cause of overpopulation and abandonment.

Most recently, The Sato Project has been working tirelessly to rescue dogs from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Over 300 dogs were provided with critical care and were safely evacuated to the United States.

3 Ways to Support the Sato Project:

1. Adopt at a Sato Shelter Partner: The Sato Project rescues arrive at Animal Haven in NYC. By adopting, you help make space for additional rescues.

2. Donate: The Sato Project depends on charitable donations to rescue and find loving homes for abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. Donate today.

3. Volunteer: There are many options available for those who are interested in volunteering for The Sato Project. For more information, visit the volunteer page.

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