Being A Pan Am Resident Comes With Its Perks

Below is a list of benefits that some of our affiliates offer directly to our residents.

Building a better food system—one grocery delivery at a time. They fight food waste by helping farmers find a good home for all their excess fruits and veggies.

25% off for new customer’s first subscription box for all Pan Am Equity tenants.
Code: PANAM25
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As the #1 fruit delivery service in the U.S., we have a mission to fight hunger and support sustainable growing practices throughout the nation.

15% off right out to box for any quantity, any size, for all tenants that order weekly or bi-weekly. You will be able to cancel at any time with no penalty.
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The Junkluggers haul any and all items (furniture, beds, desks, chairs, rugs, and more) and strive to donate and recycle keeping what we can out of the landfill.

10% off to all tenants of Pan Am by mentioning 10PanAm at the time of booking or redeemable on their website.
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Decorilla’s Interior Design solution includes: one-on-one interior design consultation, concepts from multiple designers, 3D model of your space, color palette & floor plan.

Exclusive to Pan Am Equities Tenants that start their project today.
Save $120 on Interior Design!
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Local Locker is a neighborhood storage and bike storage business that allows New Yorkers to keep things close to home.

Local Locker will offer a 1.5-month free promotion to any Pan Am Equity residents at all Local Locker locations.
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MunchPak was founded with the goal of finding out of the ordinary, delicious snacks that can’t be found in just any convenience store and bringing them to the doors of all snack lovers.

Pan Am Equity residents will receive 33% off their first MunchPak order.
Use code: PANAM.
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Enjoy handpicked top-rated craft beer that gets shipped directly to your home or office. Perfect idea for sampling new beers, birthdays, promotions, and holidays.

Craft Beer Box is offering a 5% discount off their Craft Beer Boxes to all tenants, along with free shipping and a free gift. Code: panam
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KettleSpace is redefining the notion of remote work by supporting Members with productive workspaces near home, along with the resources necessary to build strong connections, motivate one another, and trade value.

Receive unlimited use of the co-working spaces and establishments owned or utilized under the KettleSpace brand.
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Our mission is to make your living- and working environment dust- and dirt free to save your health and give you time to do more exciting things than cleaning.

Wizard of Homes will be providing 10% off on all of their home cleaning services to all Pan Am Equity residents.
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Gobble is a meal prep company that delivers freshly prepped dinner kits, designed to be table ready in 15 minutes, usually with just one pan.

Gobble will be providing all Pan Am Equity tenants 50% off their first delivery order placed through their website.
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MaxDelivery offers the groceries you want, delivered to your door in 1 hour, with no substitutions or missing items, guaranteed.

MaxDelivery is offering is all Pan Am Equity tenants $50 off your first order of $100 or more.
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Farmbox Direct is a fresh produce delivery service that makes it easy and affordable for you to get healthy, organic, and natural fruits and vegetables to your table.

Farmbox Direct is offering all tenants $20 off their first delivery order placed through their website.
Code: PA20
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